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Bestes Hydroponics

Back In Business!

Thank you for visiting our website & our store. We truly appreciate your business. As you know, we have been making changes to the products and incorporating new stock in the store. Also, we will now be offering optional ballast repair for XtraSun magnetic ballasts (see store for details).

New return policies are also being implemented in order to remain compliant with our suppliers and will be strictly enforced. Remember, Beste's has been in business since 1942 and has over 72 years of knowledge, value, and trust!

If you wish to learn more about hydroponics supplies, hydroponic growing and our products visit our About Hydroponics page or please Contact Us with your questions.  Or, you may CALL US at (586)776-1794 for expert advice over the phone and also you  can visit at our hydroponics store in Warren, Michigan. 


Call 586.776.1794 or Contact Us  with questions or concerns. We appreciate your feedback!

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Perfect Blend The Perfect Blend is exactly what the name says. It's a custom blend of Canadian sphagnum, perlite, vermiculite, actino-iron, reed-sedge peat, lime, wetting agent and beneficial trace elements. It is a 2.0 cubic foot bag of LOVE for your plants.

With this airy, beneficial packed blend, you can expect massive root growth and great drainage. Our blend of trace elements are perfect for popping seed and jump starting your little plants without the fear of burning them up. If you're ready to add your nutrients, go ahead, it will be just fine, it is " The Perfect Blend". You can use it in a variety of ways without the fear of what will happen.

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