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Christmas In July Sale on July 25th

July 20th, 2015

Sale On Products for Hydroponics at Beste’s Hydroponics Supply

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Hydroponic Grow Lights vs The Michigan Sunshine

July 15th, 2015

Grow lights are great for supplemental lighting when sunlight is not readily available all year around. Hydroponic grow lightsGrow lights are also an important part of growing indoor plants especially during winter months. Michigan winters and shorter days can make indoor gardening difficult which is why Beste’s Hydroponic Supplies carries a variety of grow lights for your hydroponic system.

You Need Michigan Hydroponic Grow Lights

The amount of light a plant receives plays a role in how much it grows. Many people use hydroponic grow lights to control the amount of light that your hydroponics will receive. More experienced growers know how to use hydroponic grow lights to manipulate how a plant grows. No matter what experience level you are at, Beste’s Hydroponics Supply has grow lighting for you! Visit our local store.

Build Your Hydroponic Garden Without The Worry of Pests and Pets!

June 8th, 2015

June is the perfect time to start your hydroponic journey. Whether you are starting your Michigan hydroponic garden indoors or growing outdoors. Beste’s Hydroponic Supplies has the tools and materials that you will need to put together the perfect hydroponic set up.  A couple things to think about when starting a indoor or outdoor hydro garden; Pets and pests!

Are hydroponics harmful to your pets? The best part of hydroponic gardens is the versatility of them. They can be indoor gardens or outdoor gardens. Many people who choose to grow their hydroponics indoors have different questions about how growing hydroponics indoors will affect your pets. For the most part Hydroponics are safe to grow around your pets.  To be safe, you may want to set up your hydroponic system in an area of your home or yard that your pets cannot reach. Certain chemicals that you use on your hydroponics may be harmful to your pets if they ingest the plants. Of course many smaller animals (not pets), may very well find their way in and those you really don’t want to protect. At Beste’s Hydroponic Supplies, we have a variety of pests controllers that will eliminate those.

Michigan Hydroponic store dog or cat food


We love your pets just as much as you do at Beste’s Hydroponic Supplies! This summer while you are shopping for your hydroponic systems grab your pet s! Beste’s Hydroponic Supplies carries high quality pet food for your pets starting at $16.95 for a 40lb bag. We carry the following brands: American Natural Premium , Armada Grain, and more.  Call and inquire about our dog and cat club!

We have bagged or bulk soil, mulch, stone, and sand at our Warren Beste’s Indoor and Outdoor Garden Supply and Beste’s Hydroponics Store along with several building supplies. Check out our coupons below:

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Warren hydroponic coupons


Warren hydroponics coupon

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