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DM APS Clone Food, 5 Liters - hydroponics
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DM APS Clone Food, 5 Liters

DM APS Clone Food, 5 Liters

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Product Information
Are you not getting the cutting success that you deserve because the whole process is too hard or too technical? End that today, and make taking and growing cuttings an easy, successful and enjoyable experience with Dutch Master A.P.S.! Perfectly conditions your rockwool! Improper Rockwool conditioning is a big reason why so many people fail to get the results they want when taking cuttings. A.P.S. has solved this and made it easy! Dutch Master A.P.S. is a ready to use cube and slab soak, perfectly preparing your Rockwool to successfully accept your newly taken cuttings, all with an ease of use you never thought possible! Ready to use - No mixing required! A.P.S. is ready to go out of the bottle, no mixing and no getting the dosing wrong, just take off the cap and pour it out, what could be easier than that! Unique 2 in 1 product! A.P.S. is completely unique in that it is a ready to use Rockwool soak and a FOLIAR spray, 2 uses for the price of 1! An amazing product that is versatile, effective and affordable! Cuttings remain green and actually grow while rooting! A.P.S. allows your cuttings to stay healthy green and actually grow whilst rooting through the immense power of foliar spraying. As the industry founder and leader in performance foliar technologies, Dutch Master has crafted A.P.S. to provide your cuttings with the specialized nutrition they need during this formative period. Success with cuttings has never been easier or more rewarding since the introduction of A.P.S. Put it to work in your garden today and enjoy the advanced Dutch Master Technology now!

Product Code: DM2040
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