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Don't let your hydroponics garden get bugged and help keep your plants disease free from our selection of pest and disease controls.  Insects will not only eat your plants, but, will also help to promote and spread disease among your hydroponics plants.  Use these products to help[ prevent expose to either pests or disease which can can rapidly spread and cause great damage. Or, at the first sign of any insect infestation or the appearance of any plant disease, use the right product from our list below to quickly nurse your plants back to good health and assure to overall health of your entire hydroponics garden.

AgreQuest Agri-Tech AzaMax CX Hydroponics
Doktor Doom Don't Bug Me Dyna Gro ECO Organics
Einstine Oil ferti-lome Garden Essentials Green Planet
Liquid Ladybug Medical GR Mighty Bomb NPK
Organic Labs Sierra Naturals Whitmere WoodStream