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Preparing Hydroponics for Winter in Michigan

 Hydroponics is the method of using mineral nutrient solutions for growing plants in water without soil. Hydroponics can be grown year around including in winter in Michigan. People often incorrectly assume that they do not have to prepare indoor hydroponics for winter. During winter the air becomes more dry, colder, or the days become shorter which means less light and gives you more reason to prepare hydroponics for winter.  In hydroponics growing systems, plants can begin to die very quickly when hydroponics are not properly prepared for winter in Michigan.

Follow theses 3 steps to prepare your hydroponics for winter in Michigan.

1) Add Light 

Shorter days means less light, which means that you have to prepare hydroponics for winter in Michigan. Even though natural lighting is best, supplemental lighting can help keep your plants healthy.  Purchasing a basic grow lamp from Bestes Hydroponics can have a significant impact on preparing your hydroponics system for Michigan winter.

2) Get A Humidifier

With Michigan winter comes low humidity. It is important to prepare your hydroponics for winter in because they can become dehydrated when there is not as much moisture in the air. Did you know that your furnace or space heater can also contribute to your hydroponics becoming dehydrated? So prepare your hydroponics for winter  by placing the humidifier around your hydroponics.

3) Control the Temperature of Your Hydroponics

Michigan winter is cold and could harm your hydroponics. Your space heater or furnace could harm your plants. By purchasing the right heating system for your plants from Beste's Hydroponics you can properly control the temperature of your hydroponics. Heated plant mats can assist with maintaining temperature by keeping them warm without damaging them. You can also supplement with a space heater but make sure that you also use a humidifier because alone the space heater could dry out hydrophonics.

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