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Many hydroponics growers will tell you that "Air Flow is everything."

Air-Flow and Air Exchange

A vital part of the hydroponic growing is airflow and exchange. Proper air flow means your plants can breath in CO2 and move the O2 (oxygen) it created out from the growing area. If you are gardening in a basement or confined space, this exchange can be achieved by creating a vacuum that will pull out the old air and draw in the new air. The objective is to produce consistent air movement. Plants need fresh air circulation to live. If you are growing in a confined space you must circulate fresh air into your growing area. This air flow will naturally supply CO2 to your plant. Make sure that you choose an air flow and CO2 system that best fits the area that you are growing in. Often used for circulation are ActiveAir blowers or Can Fans. Lack of fresh air in a confined growing space is a common problem experienced by indoor growers, and proper air supply and air-flow are necessary.

Air blower

95 CFM ActiveAir Blower System

4" intake flange. For medium inflation jobs and exhausting air outside. Exchanges air in a 200 cu. ft. room in 2 minutes. Flange Type: 4 hole square. Motor Hp: 1/80 th. Amperage Draw: 0.5

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Air-Flow Equipment and Supplies
For hydroponic growing
  • ActiveAir Blowers
    • 265 CFM blower
    • 180 CFM blower
    • 95 CFM blower
  • Can Fans
    • 100 Combo w/8" Can Fan - High Output
    • Can 33 Combo w/6" Can Fan
    • Can 66 Combo w/8" Can Fan
  • Wall Mount Fan 16"
  • Blower Filters
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Air Flow and Plant Roots

  • Constant moisture and lots of air = great roots
  • In order to break down the airborne contaminants, it air has to be circulated and recirculated through the plant roots many times
  • Large flow rates of air should be directed onto the plant roots, where microbe colonies are
  • established.

AirFlow and Temperature Control

Controlling heat in the grow room is very important. The least expensive way of reducing the heat in the grow room is to vent out the heat and replace it with cooler air. If you're in a confined area or basement then the air would need to be pulled in from the outside or after it is artificially cooled. it�s best to draw cool air from outside.

A blower can be used to help control temperature. A differencial thermostat can can be used to turn on and off a blower at varied degrees to make the process more effiecient. An alternative to moving all the air out is to capture the heated air and vent it. This can be done with an air cooled grow light. The advantage with this setup is that you�re using less energy to move the heat out.

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